5 Things Ants Are Thinking When They Are Crawling Around Your Kitchen

Ants crawling in kitchen

When you see one ant, you know there are often hundreds more where that came from. And the bad news is, getting rid of these pesky little critters is no easy task. If you’ve recently spotted an ant or 12 crawling around your kitchen, you probably aren’t too happy. Unfortunately, they are probably quite content to make themselves right at home. Check out the five things ants are probably thinking when they’re crawling around your kitchen below.

1. That Was Easy!

The number one reason you likely have an ant infestation in your home is because they’ve found an easy way to get inside. As tiny as ants are, they certainly don’t need much space to squeeze themselves inside, so it’s incredibly important to keep your home as sealed up tight as possible. Take a look around your walls, floors, and the foundation of your home to see if you see any cracks or gaps where they might be making their way inside. Check your windows and doors to ensure that weather stripping is in place and screens are in good shape. If you don’t happen to find a way you think they are coming in from, try and follow the ant trail to see where it’s originating, and then seal it off as quickly as possible.

2. Food!!!

Ants are in your kitchen because they are looking for something to snack on. Your kitchen is obviously their best bet for finding food, so this is where your infestation will typically originate. Dirty dishes, food left out on the counter, crumbs and sticky spills, open garbage cans, and so on are all major draws for your ant visitors. Keeping your kitchen as clean as possible is going to be one of the best things you can do to keep ants away. The less access to food they find, the less likely they will be to return.

3. More Food!

Unfortunately, ants won’t stop at the kitchen when they’re on the prowl for food. If you (or your kids) have left cereal bowls, half empty cups, or fast food sacks sitting around your home, you can guarantee the ants will find them. This is bad news because this means the infestation will move quickly from your kitchen throughout the rest of your home. If you have an ant problem on your hands, you may want to consider a “no eating or drinking outside of the kitchen or dining room” rule for the time being.

4. Oh No! What’s That?!

There are certain things that ants just can’t tolerate. Ants hate the smell of vinegar, lemon juice, and many spices and herbs. This is great news for you, because these things are readily available in your kitchen. You can use a vinegar solution to clean your counters, which will naturally deter ants. You can spray a little lemon juice around the areas where you think ants may be making their way inside. You can sprinkle some black pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, or garlic around to deter the ants from returning to your home. These natural remedies are great since you probably already have these things on hand.

5. I Think I’ll Go Get My Friends…

Ants are great at sharing with their friends. In fact, there is often one ant, known as the scout, who has been sent out to hunt for food. After he finds a great source for feeding, he will then return to the colony to inform the rest of the ants where they can go feast as well. So if you see just one little ant in your home, don’t think he’s harmless and let him go on his merry way. That one tiny ant has the potential to bring back hundreds of friends with him when he returns.

While ants aren’t the most dangerous pest you could be dealing with, they are certainly one of the most frustrating. An ant infestation can quickly multiply until your food is contaminated and your kitchen is being overrun. After you have done all you can to fend off the infestation, it’s a good idea to contact a local pest control company to handle the rest. They will be able to come out and quickly target the ants, ridding your home of the infestation before you know it.

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