Are termites dangerous to people?

Termites on wood

When termites invade your house they can be incredibly dangerous to the structure of your home. As they eat away at the wood framing of your home they can cause extreme damage if they are not stopped, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repairs. But as dangerous as termites may be to your home, are they actually dangerous to you and your loved ones?

The good news is, termites are not known to bite humans. Although soldier termites technically have the ability to bite, or pinch, they wouldn’t do so unless provoked. Even if you were to be bitten by a soldier termite, there is no indication that they spread infection or illness. As long as you and your family members stay away from the termite colony, you have nothing at all to fear.

While there is no danger to anyone within your home, it’s still in your best interest to call a professional exterminator to deal with the issue immediately upon discovery. As mentioned above, termites are extremely destructive creatures when it comes to wood sources, and left alone they can make your home a dangerous place to live.

One of the worst things about termites is that they can go undetected for years. A termite colony left alone to feast on your home could result in an extreme amount of damage – although it would take many years for a colony to cause so much damage that your house may actually collapse. More than a serious danger to your safety, it’s a danger to your pocket book. Damage from an undetected colony can add up to an incredible expense over time.

This is why it’s important to call in an expert to conduct a termite inspection on a regular basis. A yearly inspection is your best bet. In the span of a year, termites won’t be able to do too much damage, but if you let your inspections lapse for four or five years, you may be looking at a serious problem. If your home has had previous termite activity, you may need an inspection even more frequently.

If you haven’t had your home inspected for termites in recent years, or if you suspect that you may have a problem, give your local pest control expert a call. While termites may not pose an immediate threat to your physical health, they certainly pose a threat to your home. A pest control technician will be able to identify a termite colony easily and will know the best approach to take to rid your home of termites quickly and efficiently.

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