5 Tips to Avoid a Cockroach Infestation in Your Restaurant

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A cockroach infestation in any dwelling is something that is cause for concern. But if you own a restaurant, a roach infestation could be downright disastrous. All it takes is the sight of one stray roach and your customers will be running for the door. And if a health inspector happens to spot a cockroach during a visit, it could mean a temporary shut down for your business. This is why it’s unquestionably essential that you keep roaches out of your restaurant. Take a look below for 5 tips on how to do just that.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A common theme with most insects and rodents is that they are searching for food sources. Your kitchen is the perfect spot to find just that. This is why it’s important to store your food in airtight containers that leave no chance for roaches to climb inside. Never leave food out on counters, and be sure to clean all dirty dishes as soon as possible. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is an open invitation for roach visitors to come on in.

While you are cooking, clean up as you go. Wipe up spills as they happen, and sweep up crumbs quickly. Sweep and mop your floor at least once a day, being sure to get under ovens, refrigerators, and cabinets. Wipe down the inside of cabinets on a regular basis, and get the hard to reach areas such as tops of refrigerators as often as possible. Empty your trash at the end of the evening, and throughout the day as needed. Wipe down trash bins often to ensure that bits of food aren’t left behind for roaches to find.

Keep Other Areas Clean

Your kitchen isn’t the only area that’s cause for concern. Since your restaurant patrons will be eating in your dining area, food and drinks will be spilled often. It’s important to thoroughly clean tables between diners, and even sweep up underneath. Wipe down anything left on the table between meals, such as salt and pepper shakers or display items. 

Every evening, sweep and mop or vacuum floors. Be sure to check under seats or booths for food that has been left behind. Keep your bathrooms spotless at all times. Not only do these areas draw pests in, but they can easily turn off your customers if they aren’t up to par.

Check For Easy Access Areas

It’s important to do a very thorough check of both the inside and outside of your building structure. Look for any cracks or gaps in the walls or foundation where roaches may find an easy entry. If you see any, seal them up with caulking, or call someone in to fix larger issues. Be sure that the areas around windows and doors are sealed tight, and install weather stripping if you see any gapping areas. On the inside of your restaurant, check walls and inside cabinets for holes where roaches and other pests may be able to find their way inside. Sealing up any cracks or crevices that are found should greatly increase your chances of keeping roaches out.

Check For Leaks, Inside and Out

Water is yet another thing that roaches seek out. Roaches need water for survival, even more than they need food. While they can survive up to a month without a bite to eat, after a week without water they are in serious trouble. It’s important to limit their access in whatever way possible. Avoid leaving water standing in the sink or in dishes around the kitchen. Check all areas inside and outside the building for leaks, including faucets, toilets, and AC units. The less access to water roaches have, the more protected your restaurant will be.

Have Routine Pest Control

It should be a given that every restaurant out there needs to have routine pest control services. Keeping your restaurant pest-free is imperative for a successful business. Cleanliness is more important in your industry than in nearly any other, and it simply isn’t an option to skimp in this area. Speak with a local pest control technician in your area to determine what services you will need and at what frequency they will need to be done. Hand in hand with preventative measures you take on your own, pest control services can easily prevent or knock out any roach infestation you may have.

Since having a roach infestation in your restaurant can basically make or break your business, it’s necessary to do everything in your power to avoid one. Keep the above tips in mind in order to prevent a damaging infestation in your very own restaurant. 

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