Which Do Americans Fear More: Spiders or Cockroaches?


If you had to choose between holding a spider or a roach in your hand, which would you choose? If you were like most people out there, you would probably say, "Neither, thank you!" After all, both of these critters are dangerous in their own ways, and very few people enjoy keeping them around. While neither option is necessarily pleasant, which would most people prefer? When it comes to spiders vs. cockroaches, which do Americans fear more?

If you were to take a sample of 50 people and ask them if they fear spiders or cockroaches more, odds are you would get a good amount of votes on each side. Some people have a paralyzing fear of spiders, while others can’t stand the thought of encountering a roach – and many people seem to fear both equally! It’s nearly impossible to determine which creepy-crawly-critter is truly feared more.

When it comes to spiders, some varieties of the species are absolutely terrifying. There are spiders that can kill a human with one tiny bite. For that reason alone, many people have a genuine fear of spiders. But it’s not only the danger associated with spiders that make them so scary to some. They have the ability to hide out and appear as if from nowhere. They are often found underneath things, and scatter out when you are least expecting them. They move incredibly quickly, sometimes directly at you. They can scamper up walls and across ceilings, and can be nearly impossible to catch. For all these reasons and many more, spiders can certainly be scary.

But then, of course, you have cockroaches. These nasty pests are often associated with filth. When you see one cockroach, you know that there are often many, sometimes hundreds more of them where that one came from. They contaminate your food and spread disease. They are extremely difficult to kill, and infestations are nearly impossible to get rid of. They hide out in your home throughout the day, coming out at night to feast on whatever food source they can find. If you wander into a dark room and flip on the lights, you may see several of them scatter. As you can see, roaches can be quite frightening to many people.

Obviously, neither of these pests are a welcome addition to a home. Luckily, there are several things you can do to keep both spiders and cockroaches out of your humble abode. The first line of defense is to make it difficult for them to find a way inside. Take a close look around your home, checking for cracks and gaps where things found outside can make their way in. Fill in these spaces immediately. Look around windows and doors for gaps, and ensure that screens are in good shape so that they can keep things out.

Once you’ve made sure your home isn’t allowing easy access, it’s time to focus on the inside. Dirty homes are a draw for both spiders and cockroaches, although for different reasons. The best line of defense is to keep your home as clean as possible. In the kitchen, clean up spills immediately, sweep and mop floors frequently, and wipe down counters after every meal. Never leave food out on counters or dirty dishes or standing water left in the sink. Take your trash out as needed, and wipe down the trashcan anytime it begins to get grimy. It’s also a good idea to store your food in airtight containers. These measures will go a long way to keep the roaches at bay. This will also keep other insects such as ants away, which are a food source for spiders.

In the rest of your home, keep things as neat and tidy as possible. Spiders are always looking for a hiding spot, and piles of books or clothing provide a great space to kick back and relax. They also love dark, dusty corners, so sweep, vacuum, and dust frequently. In your storage areas, use airtight plastic containers that make it difficult for spiders to crawl into. These things will help you to do your best against spider invaders.

After you’ve done all you can on your own to keep spiders and roaches away, enlist the help of a professional pest control technician. These experts know the best measures to take to keep these pests out of your home. They also will be able to deal with a current infestation in the quickest, most effective way possible. If you don’t currently have preventative pest control services conducted in your home, you may want to consider making a change. Keeping cockroaches and spiders out of your home can go a long way to make you feel more comfortable and safe in your own space.

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