What Happens If I Just Ignore a Cockroach Problem?

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Have you ever just wanted to ignore a problem and hope that it goes away? You know, like when you were a kid and saw something scary in the closet – so you immediately threw the covers over your head and hoped for the best. Foolproof strategy, right? Well, just like it didn’t make sense back then, it doesn’t make sense now. If you ignore a cockroach problem, you’re going to be uncomfortable at least – unless you like finding dead cockroach bodies and body parts around the house. That’s a common occurrence in a home infested with cockroaches. And that’s probably the least of your worries.

Let’s start with the bad stuff. Health problems.

Did you know cockroaches can cause health problems? That might not mean much to the single 20-year-old, who feels healthy and invincible, but what if you have kids? Cockroaches release allergens into the air, both from their living bodies and dead ones, as well as from their feces and urine. And those allergens will not only aggravate your sinuses, they can also contribute to the development of asthma in small children. Does that seem like something you want to ignore?

But even if asthma isn’t a concern, cockroaches have also been implicated in the passage of several different pathogens, diseases and bacteria. You don’t want these critters around you. 

Do you like sharing your food?

Because you’ll be sharing everything with the roaches from now on. And the worst part: they’re more active at night, so you won’t even know what foods they’ve tainted. From now on, every piece of food left out or any crumb on the floor will be fodder for roaches.

How about smells?

Have you ever walked into a home with a bad cockroach infestation? There’s a musty, oily smell that’s so common, pest control experts can recognize it immediately. 

The cockroaches aren’t going anywhere

So even if you can deal with all of this stuff, I hope you’re prepared to deal with it indefinitely. Because roaches aren’t leaving unless you evict them, and that’s probably going to take professional help.

What should you do?

Contact us right away. We’ve been evicting roaches, rodents and ants from homes for decades, and we’ll have your home cockroach-free in no time.

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