Oriental Roaches: Who are they, and where do they come from?

Oriental Roaches

The Oriental Roach or sewer roach is most commonly found outside of your home in the cracks and crevices of your foundation, only entering your home when they become disoriented and lose their way. The Oriental Roach cannot survive in an indoor environment, unless there is a food and water source for them and the proper moisture and humidity, which most homes do not provide.

The ideal environment for the Oriental Roach is warm, damp, shady areas near the ground or areas containing natural debris. The most common hang out spots for the Oriental Roach are basements, crawl spaces, areas between the soil and foundation, underneath sidewalks, in sewer pipes, in floor drains, and under sinks or any other damp, cool area. They can often be found feeding on garbage, sewage, or decaying organic matter and will eat almost anything, but a high starch diet is what they prefer.

The Oriental Roach is approximately 1 inch long and dark brown to black. The male species have longer wings than the female, covering ¾” of their body. Although Oriental Roaches have wings, they cannot fly; only using their wings to break their fall.

An Adult Oriental Roach can live 34-180 days and pairing takes place at any time. The female produces an average of eight egg capsules per lifetime. Each egg capsule can contain approximately 16 eggs. The female may carry the capsules 12 hours to 5 days, while the incubation period is 42 to 81 days. Once hatched, nymphs go through seven molts before entering adulthood, which takes approximately one year.

The best way to remove the Oriental Roach from your property is to remove its harborage, if they do not have a suitable place on your property to live then they will move on until they find a place that meets their needs. If a chemical remedy is preferred, using non-repellant type chemicals is the best way to deal with the Oriental Roach. Using a chemical that is a repellant will drive them out which may lead them into your facility or home.

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