Why Have I Been Seeing More Spiders In My House Than Usual?

Spider web

We’re going to start today by talking a little economics. Before you panic (I was told there’d be no math!), we’re not going to go too deep. But let’s discuss simple supply and demand. You remember that concept, right? If there is a significant demand, then supply will rise.

So let’s pretend the supply is spiders. What could cause a demand for more spiders? The presence of other insects. You see, spiders feed on insects, and like most pests, they follow the food. And if there are suddenly a bunch of bugs around your home, then guess what? Spiders will follow.

But I don’t have a pest problem…

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But clearly, there are more insects around here than normal. Now, the problem could be coming from the backyard. Do you have a garden? A yard that you never check on or clean up? Both could lead to increased insect problems, which in turn leads to more spiders.

Go out into the yard and take a look around. Are you seeing many spider webs? Now you know why.

How are they getting into the home?

However, just because spiders are outside doesn’t mean they should also be inside. They have to be finding their way inside somehow, and it’s probably through a crack in a wall or a weak seal around a window.

Take some time to inspect every exterior wall of the home, looking for cracks or holes. If you find any openings, seal them up with caulking. Check doors and windows as well. Not only do weak seals let pests in, they also negatively impact your energy costs. Shore up poor seals with additional weather stripping.

And if that doesn’t work?

Then you should definitely ask for some professional help – if the spiders are bothering you that much. But if you can live with them, you might want to consider leaving them be. Spiders can be an excellent natural pest deterrent.

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