Can a Cockroach Infestation Cause Expensive Home Damage?

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Some pest problems are merely inconveniences, such as an ant infestation. No matter how many ants you see in your home, they’re unlikely to cause you or your family any harm. Sure, they’ll try to share your leftovers, but they don’t carry disease and they rarely bite. Basically, if you can live with them, then there’s no real “problem” to speak of.

Cockroaches in California are an entirely different story. For starters, they can cause a wide variety of health problems. Roaches have been known to carry a whopping 33 different kinds of bacteria, not to mention multiple other pathogens. Additionally, roaches can aggravate your allergies, and some people are actually allergic to cockroaches themselves. Aside from all of these biological factors, cockroaches can also cause long-term damage to your home – especially if you’ve allowed the infestation to grow unencumbered.

Cockroaches Don’t Hide Their Presence

Let’s cover the most pressing stuff first. Once a cockroach infestation has been established, you’ll begin to notice roach droppings throughout the home (especially under sinks and inside the pantry). These droppings resemble black pepper or coffee grounds. You’ll also find the occasional dead cockroach or cockroach body part strewn about. Although these occurrences won’t damage the home, they will be blights on the property that you’ll have to clean up. If you ever want to resell your home, you’ll need to remove all signs of previous cockroach infestations.

Another common problem: smell. A home with a cockroach infestation will develop an oily smell that is considered quite pungent. Even after a cockroach infestation has been eliminated, it takes some time for the smell to dissipate.

The Only Other Damage is Psychological

As you can see, most of the damage caused by cockroaches is superficial. As long as the infestation is not allowed to grow out of control, you should be able to avoid serious complications. However, don’t forget the psychological trauma inflicted by a roach infestation. Every time you turn on a light at night, or look deep within a cupboard, or venture into your basement, you’re probably going to see a cockroach. And after you’ve found roach dropping inside the pantry one too many times, it may begin to kill your appetite.​

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