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Pest Control in Roseville

When it comes to stressful pest infestations, you only want the best, most trusted professionals to take care of the problem. With Zap Termite and Pest, our specialized training and methods of delivering pest control in Roseville will protect you and your family from common household pests including:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • And much more!

Serving Roseville for Over 45 Years

No two pest infestations are perfectly identical. Your home is unique, the pests that bug you are specific to your location, and the severity of your pest infestation is different than others. We here at Zap offer comprehensive pest control plans that provide solutions for your specific situation. Plus, we’ve had the best pest control in Roseville for 45+ years, so we know what works in the area. We have always stayed up-to-date on the most innovative and safe methods of pest control. 

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Zap Pest service areas

Termite Exterminator in Roseville

Termites can rapidly turn your largest investment into a money pit, causing thousands in damage repair. Whether you need a quick fix for a current infestation or want to make sure one never occurs, we here at Zap Termite & Pest Control have the solution! Offering termite control in Roseville, we’ll utilize our expertise and years of experience to protect your home and your wallet from termite destruction.

We’ve developed a system designed to effectively control termites in your home and protect your investment long term. When you partner with us for termite control in Roseville, you can expect: 

  • A thorough inspection from our highly skilled technicians. 
  • Develop a treatment plan, eliminate the termite colony, and establish a protective barrier. 
  • Free retreatment if needed. 
  • And more! 

Bed Bug Exterminator in Roseville

Bed bug infestations are among the most feared for homeowners, and for good reason! When you’re faced with a bed bug issue, we know you want a fast and effective solution. At Zap Termite & Pest Control, we offer chemical-free bed bug treatments in Roseville! With our heat treatments, you’ll get the quick relief you need and peace of mind knowing you’re protected long-term. 

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us for bed bug treatment in Roseville:

  • An initial, comprehensive inspection.
  • FAST relief with heat treatments.
  • Furniture and bedding protection.
  • TOTAL control of bed bugs at all stages (even eggs).
  • Long-lasting protection with liquid treatments.

Save $100 on Chemical-Free Treatments

We here at Zap Termite & Pest Control want you to get the professional help you need without hurting your wallet. We’re offering $100 off our bed bug treatment. Take back control of your home and enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. 

Rodent Exterminator in Roseville

Battling rodents on your own can be disheartening, especially when DIY treatments fail to give you the relief you deserve. Instead of attempting to get rid of mice or rats on your own, turn to the experts for rodent control you can count on. We’ve been helping homeowners just like you control rodents for over 45 years, so you can feel confident you’re in good hands. When you sign up for treatment, our rodent exterminators will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home to identify areas where rodents are hiding.
  • Use worry-free, eco-friendly methods.
  • Safely remove all rodents from your home through strategically placed traps.
  • Rodent-proof your home by performing exclusion repairs that deal off entry points.
  • Schedule bi-monthly treatments to monitor traps and ensure rodents don’t return.

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Tough on Rodents, Not Your Family

Our top priority is keeping you and your family safe, which is why our rodent control doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals that can harm your loved ones. Our treatments are both family and eco-friendly, but still pack a punch on mice and rats. This way you can get back to living rodent-free without having to worry!

Bird and Bat Control in Roseville

Birdwatching may be a fun hobby, but it’s not so fun when the birds are wrecking your solar panels, leaving droppings, and putting the health of your family at risk. Bats are just as bad, and they can also spread rabies. Rather than trying to tackle unwanted visitors yourself, trust our bird and bat control in Roseville. We use humane methods to exclude these animals and protect your home from further damage.

When you partner with us for bird and bat control in Roseville, we will:

  • Use exclusion methods to prevent birds and bats from entering your home.
  • Remove all nesting materials to ensure there are no blockages in your vents.
  • Thoroughly clean affected areas and remove contaminated materials.
  • Use eco-friendly treatments that work without taking a toll on the environment.
Locally Owned and Operated Company

At Zap, you are more than just a customer, you are a part of our family! When you choose our pest control services, you’re choosing:

  • Devoted, local exterminators who value their relationship with you and dedicate their time to protecting your family. 
  • Empathetic customer service with careful attention to the safety of your space as if it were our own. 
  • A family- and locally-owned company with over 45 years of experience in the business, so you’ll receive the expertise needed to get the job done right.
  • Total control guaranteed, which means that if you encounter any pest activity in between treatments, we will return to inspect and re-treat your home for free if necessary.

As a local pest control company in Orangevale, we value our Northern California customers. Give us a call today for pest control in a zap!


5 Star Review

Have used ZAP for 18 years. They provide great, quality and friendly service.

Wendy Hazelhofer
Rio Linda Office
5 Star Review

Excellent Customer Service , Price, Termite & Pest Control. I Highly Recommend ZAP.

Heidi Marie Wilson
Fairfield Office
5 Star Review

Very good. Nathan very professional. Hope the treatment worked.

Gregory Glavinovich
Sacramento Office

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