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5 Star Review

Very good customer service, very friendly and understanding your bug problems and excellent on getting rid of our unwanted pest that been living around my home....first day i had my service, i got home from work and my family and i had a bug free bbq and enjoyed not having to worry about spiders biting my kiddos while playing. Highly recommended Zap termite & pest control inc. to my family and friends

Phillip Santos
5 Star Review

Friendly and competent person to work with. Keeps the entire house and deck area free from critters. Also can keep the meat bees at bay. No ants for several years now. My pest control person is Mitch.

John Brassfield
5 Star Review

I have been working with Zap for over 8 years now. They have followed me with 2 moves, even to 2 different cities. The company has been very professional and easy to work with. We get phone reminders and confirmation when they are coming out to our house. 2nd and 3rd visits, if needed, are easily scheduled when calling the main office line. Thank you Zap for always doing a superior job!

Lindsey Diaz