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Pest Control in Concord

When it comes to professional pest control in Concord, we understand you want a company you can trust to provide safe and efficient services to get rid of pests quickly. With over 45 years of experience and a team of highly skilled certified pest control exterminators, Zap has exactly what it takes to eliminate your pest problems in no time. Whether your home is being overrun by ants, cockroaches, millipedes, wasps, or more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to quality pest control in Concord.

Our pest control services include:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to better understand exactly what we're up against.
  • Pest-specific treatments to target the critters crawling around your home and the exact locations where they’re entering
  • Recurring visits for long-term control throughout the year to prevent pests from entering your home to keep your home pest-free in every season.

A Single Solution to All Your Pest Problems

Here at Zap, our exterminators work hard to eliminate whatever pests are making your home their own. If you need a pest control company you can trust for quality pest services in Concord, look no further - Zap Termite & Pest Control is here to help you out no matter what kinds of creatures are making themselves at home in your home. Not in Concord? We offer pest services in Fairfield and throughout the surrounding area. 

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Zap Pest service areas

Termite Exterminator in Concord

Termites tend to stay hidden within your home, so by the time you find them, they may have been eating away at your home for years. That's why acting fast is the best way to make sure no more damage is done! If you've noticed creaky floorboards, hollow wood, or mud tubes in or around your home, give Zap a call today. Our termite exterminators know how to spot an infestation and stop it in its tracks. 

When you partner with Zap for your termite treatment in Concord, our termite exterminators will provide:

  • A complimentary termite inspection of your home: spotting termites can be tricky, but our trained exterminators know just what to look for!
  • A personalized termite treatment plan: Based on our inspection, well formulate a plan that is tailored to your home and it’s specific needs.
  • Post-service repairs: Termites can cause a lot of damage, leaving your home messy and in need of repairs. Our exterminators know just what to do, and after they have patched up your home and made all the necessary repairs, they will do one more termite inspection to make sure your home is termite-free!

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We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction

In addition to offering the best termite control in Concord, we also provide our customers with a total guarantee. If you discover lingering termites after we’ve finished treatment, give us a call and we’ll return to inspect and retreat for free if necessary!

Bed Bug Exterminator in Concord

Your home and bedroom are supposed to be the places you feel most relaxed and comfortable, but when bed bugs infest that space, your peace is gone! Their small size and habits can make detection difficult. Here at Zap Termite & Pest, we utilize heat treatments for bed bug control in Concord because we know it works. These methods are able to reach below the surface of your mattress to ensure every last bed bug and eggs are eliminated without harming the environment, your family, or your belongings. With our Concord bed bug treatments you can expect to receive:

  • Comprehensive bed bug inspection from a professional bed bug exterminator to examine the severity of the infestation and determine how many rooms are affected.
  • Heated bed bug treatments to remove bed bugs fast.
  • Extermination of all living bed bugs and all eggs hidden in the bed frame and mattress.
  • Liquid bed bug treatment to provide lasting protection and prevent future problems.
  • Complete protection of your belongings, including your furniture and bedding.

Rodent Exterminator in Concord

Rodents carry a variety of diseases and pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones when they are free to roam about your home. Rats and mice often hide in the walls and ceiling during the day and become active at night. If you suspect your home may be susceptible to rodents, call in the Concord rodent control experts here at Zap. With over 45 years of experience, our rodent control services in Concord has been carefully designed to efficiently and effectively solve any rodent problems that come your way.

Our Concord rodent control process includes:

  • A thorough initial rodent inspection by a licensed rodent exterminator to determine the severity and identify entry points.
  • Elimination of the rodents, their nests, and other contaminated materials.
  • Sealing the entry points to ensure rodents cannot re-enter.
  • The set up of traps as an additional preventative measure.
  • Recurring bi-monthly visits for long-lasting protection.

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Effective Treatments For Lasting Rodent Control

As a local and family-owned pest control company, we know the people we’re lucky to call our customers. Our rodent exterminators in Concord stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest rodent control methods and techniques to ensure you are always receiving the best services possible. Additionally, we use pest control products and methods that keep your family and home protected so that you never have to worry about your safety. 

Bird and Bat Control in Concord

Are birds turning your home into their coop? Have they taken shelter in your solar panels? Unfortunately, nuisance birds are a common problem for homeowners— especially those with solar panels! Pest birds, like pigeons, are not just annoying, they can cause costly damage to your roof. With Zap’s bird control in Concord, you can finally have total control over nuisance birds. When you partner with us for bird and bat control in Concord, you can expect:

  • A barrier to your home-- our treatments establish a barrier to protect your home and total control of birds and bats.
  • Removal of nest and cleaning affected areas— we ensure that all nesting remnants are properly removed and the area is clean before applying any treatments. 
  • Knowledgeable and Up-To-Date-- here at Zap, we are committed to highest industry standards and strict adherence to regulations in order to ensure humane exclusion of all birds and bats.
  • Unparalleled service from your wildlife exterminator-- your exterminator will provide continuous care throughout the length of your services with us.


5 Star Review

Clayton was so nice and very informative!!!!!

Excellent service!

Vicki Voreyer
Sacramento Office
5 Star Review

This is our first time using Zap Pest Control. Customer service was awesome! Curtis came to our home to take care of the pests. Curtis was very polite and knowledgeable and did such a thorough job! I am very pleased with the company. I definitely recommend them!

Jayna Michelle Casey
5 Star Review

Very good customer service, very friendly and understanding your bug problems and excellent on getting rid of our unwanted pest that been living around my home....first day i had my service, i got home from work and my family and i had a bug free bbq and enjoyed not having to worry about spiders biting my kiddos while playing. Highly recommended Zap termite & pest control inc. to my family and friends

Phillip Santos

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