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5 Star Review

I've had nothing but great service with this company, and my Pest Guy Marcus, whenever I've had ANY issues they came and took care of it within a timely matter, I'm very pleased with my service frm this company I would recommend this company to my friends. Keep up the great work Zap Pest Control. :)

5 Star Review

We love ZAP. Jimmy is our guy and he is great about communicating when he’ll be by next. Always prompt and courteous, as well as extremely professional. He always reassures us that the insecticide he uses on the perimeter of the house is pet safe, as we have quite a few to worry about! Lastly, great pest control. We like seeing the dead spiders dangle at “the end of the line”, as it were after Jimmy sprays. 👍🏻

Kelly O'Keefe
5 Star Review

I've been using them at my bar for several years and they're much better than the companies I used previously.

Brad Albom