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Protect Your Solar Panels From Bird Damage

Are you dealing with pigeons and other pest birds taking up residence on your roof? Here at Zap Termite and Pest Control, we’re familiar with the solar panel problems that pigeons cause for Sacramento homes and we have effective humane solutions. As a certified solar panel exclusion company, we can help protect your panels and family from the damage and disease caused by pigeons with our pigeon control in Sacramento.

Keep Birds Off Your Roof

Bird & Bat Control in Sacramento

Pigeons on roof

Birds and bats can cause you and your family a lot of problems if left unchecked. Birds can roost in your solar panels, leaving droppings and nesting materials that are full of health hazards in their wake. Both bats and birds can bring other pests into your home and bats can spread rabies.

Keep your family and home protected with our bird and bat control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas! 

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Bird Control in Northern California

Do you have a bird problem? We can help! We’ve been offering fast and effective bird control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas for 43 years. We have the expertise to remove a variety of nuisance birds from in and around your home, including:

  • Pigeons

  • House Sparrows

  • And more!  


Pigeons are the classic city pest, cities everywhere from New York to Los Angeles deal with these nuisances. Pigeons love to live near people because of the ample easy-to-access food supply—roosting on and in buildings, making a mess wherever they land. 

In California, pigeons are a common problem for homeowners with solar panels. Drawn to the shelter the panels provide, pest birds often nest underneath these panels and leave behind their droppings and nesting materials. The accumulation of these droppings can pose a health hazard, as they are contaminated with the air-borne spores of a fungus called Histoplasmosis. Exposure to these spores can cause infections in humans.

If the idea of pigeons roosting in your solar panels bothers you, Zap Termite and Pest Control have you covered! We provide pigeon abatement to prevent these birds from accessing the area beneath your solar panels, without harming the panels or their performance in any way. On top of installing pigeon deterrents, we’ll also clean the affected areas to decrease the possibility of health hazards.

Are you ready to keep your solar panels clean and your family protected?


Careful and Humane Removal of Birds

If birds have entered your home, you’re probably feeling uneasy knowing you have a wild animal in your space. Don’t worry! Zap is here to provide fast relief! Whether they’re plaguing your roof or roosting inside, we’ll remove them from your home. At Zap, our Sacramento bird control specialists will carefully remove and prevent birds from entering or nesting in your home!

An Effective Process Backed by 43 Years of Experience

Here at Zap, we believe in the humane removal of all wildlife. Our bird and bat control services are no different. When you partner with us for your bird and bat control services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, you can expect:

  • Exclusion methods that will deter birds and bats, including pigeons, from ever entering your home in the first place. 

  • Removal of nests to keep your home safe. Nests can block stove, dryer, and fan vents as well as containing bacteria that can cause health problems for your family.

  • A thorough cleaning of the nesting areas to remove all remnants before applying any deterrent or preventative treatments.

  • Green, eco-friendly treatments that work without damaging your home or the environment.

Are you ready for an effective solution that’s backed by years of experience?


Committed to Customer and Wildlife Safety

Part of Zap’s commitment to our customers, our community, and the environment is our strict adherence to all applicable laws and legal regulations. Our experts say up-to-date on all relevant laws, protected species, time of year treatments are allowed, and the best techniques so you don’t ever have to worry. 

Bat Control in Northern California

Bats can carry rabies and other life-threatening diseases. While most won’t attack you unless provoked, it’s best to call your bat control experts at Zap if you suspect your home has a bat problem. Along with the various diseases, bats can carry other unwanted pests into your home, such as ticks and fleas, that bring their own health concerns. 

When Bats Bite

Bats typically will only attack humans if they feel threatened. But, if you come into contact with one and are bitten, you may not be able to see any marks due to their tiny teeth. However, if you are bitten or come into contact with their saliva in your eyes, nose, mouth, or open wound, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately. 

Thinking about getting solar panels installed on your home? We also provide pre-installation cleanup and protection to prevent birds from damaging your investment. Our bird & bat control experts in Sacramento specialize in a variety of exclusion techniques that will keep wildlife out without causing harm to your home or the environment.

Other Areas We Service 

Are you in need of bird or bat removal in Northern California? We've been providing pest control services to Northern California for over 45 years. As a locally-owned company, we're proud to support our neighbors and our community. Additionally, our expert pest control technicians are highly trained in the best, safest practices. Our team of professionals provides bird removal and bat removal in the following locations: 

Don’t let birds or bats pester you another day.

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