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Pest Control in Brentwood

Nobody likes to feel like they have no control over who enters their home. This is especially true when it comes to pests entering your home. These pesky creatures can easily bring disease and destruction into your home! With the help of our pest control in Brentwood, you can have total control over your home again. Our skilled Brentwood exterminators have the experience and knowledge to quickly and effectively remove pests, using treatments that will establish a barrier to protect your home now and in the future. Common pests our exterminators in Brentwood can help eliminate include:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • And more!

Treatments Personalized to Your Home

As a pest control company in Brentwood, we specialize in treating homes with different types of needs. We understand that conditions may vary by household, which is why our Brentwood experts are trained to pay extra attention to the small details. Not only do our exterminators have the knowledge and training, but they also have the experience in dealing with pests specific to Brentwood. When you get pest control in Brentwood, here’s what we’ll provide for you:

  • An inspection of your home to determine how to treat the pests specific to your home.
  • A unique treatment tailored to the protection of your home.
  • Thoughtful customer service from our knowledgable exterminators.
  • Long-term relief with recurring treatments.
  • A pest-free home!

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Zap Pest service areas

Termite Exterminator in Brentwood

A termite infestation can have a massive negative impact on your home and finances. The signs of an infestation can be easy to miss with the untrained eye, and by the time you notice that a colony is present, it will likely have already done significant damage to your home. Here at Zap Termite & Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing quality termite control in Brentwood. Our termite treatments utilize leading products and formulas to control and remove your infestation quickly and easily. Our products will establish a protective barrier around your home to get rid of termites and keep them gone—for good.

Proven Products and 45+ Years of Experience

Termites cost homeowners around the country over $5 billion in damages each year—expenses rarely covered by home insurance! Investing in proactive termite control in Brentwood is the best way to avoid the unnecessary heartache and stress caused by an infestation. With Zap, you’ll receive treatments based on the latest technology delivered by state-certified termite exterminators with over four decades of industry experience.

When you partner with us, you can expect the following:

  • An inspection by one of our trained experts to assess the state of your home and potential damages.
  • A personalized treatment plan designed to remove your colony without damaging your home.
  • A follow-up treatment to ensure the problem has been resolved. 
  • Our satisfaction guarantee: if you aren’t satisfied, we will return and re-inspect and re-treat as necessary to fix the problem.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Brentwood

It’s easy to accidentally bring bed bugs into your home, but not as easy to eliminate them. These small pests are excellent at hiding in hard-to-reach places such as under your mattress, in the creases of furniture, in carpet fibers, and even behind outlet covers. To target bed bugs no matter where they’re hiding, we use our safe and effective heat treatment to establish a barrier and protect your home.

When you partner with us for bed bug treatment in Brentwood, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect every room in your home to determine the extent of the infestation.
  • Use eco-friendly heat treatment to quickly eliminate pests without damaging your belongings.
  • Ensure bed bugs of all life stages, including the eggs, are controlled so you don’t have a secondary infestation.
  • Follow-up with an effective liquid treatment to provide long-term protection.

Rodent Exterminator in Brentwood

No matter the time of year, rodents are always seeking a place to stay and food to eat. Unfortunately, your home may just be the perfect place for these rodents! Mice and rats have the ability to squeeze through the smallest of cracks, leaving your home vulnerable to an infestation. These rodents can contaminate your food and infest areas of your home you don’t see, like in-between walls and in your attic. Whether you currently have a rodent infestation or are looking to prevent that situation altogether, give us a call! Here at Zap Termite & Pest Control, we offer rodent control in Brentwood that safely and effectively removes any and all rodent threats from your home.

Call Us Today! 

Highly-Trained Rodent Exterminators

Has attempting to exterminate rodents on your own taken up all your time and left you feeling helpless? Rodents are extremely smart and resilient, doing whatever they can to stay in your home. Our rodent exterminators in Brentwood have ample knowledge and experience in the field – enough to help you exterminate the uninvited guests quickly. Our rodent control in Brentwood consists of treatments that are safe for you, the family and the environment, while still remaining highly effective. When you team up with our team of Brentwood rodent control experts, you won’t have to fight the rodents solo any longer.

Here’s what our Brentwood rodent control will include:

  • A thorough evaluation of your home, allowing our exterminators to create a treatment specific to your home.
  • Control of rodents and contaminated items in the area.
  • Sealing off entry points on your property.
  • Implement bait traps for future protection.
  • Schedule bi-monthly services to maintain the protection of your family and home.

Bird and Bat Control in Brentwood

Bird control and bat removal may seem straightforward, but it’s actually quite tricky. These animals make their nests in hard-to-reach places, like chimneys, rafters, and exterior vents. That makes it difficult to find them, and they’re even harder to catch because they can fly. Rather than doing the job yourself, trust Zap for the best bird and bat control in Brentwood. We use eco-friendly treatments and humane exclusion methods to give you a home free of wildlife.

Our bird and bat control in Brentwood includes:

  • Custom treatment based on your home’s specific needs, the location of the nests, and how many animals are present.
  • Thorough cleaning of affected areas to remove nesting materials, droppings, and other debris.
  • Exclusion methods to deter birds and bats from entering your home, preventing future infestations.
  • Treatments that are safe for your home and the environment.
Servicing Homes like Yours Is Our Specialty

Being a family-owned and operated business, we take the safety and protection of our customers very seriously. Once you team up with Zap Termite & Pest Control, you’ve got experienced technicians on your side! Our Lathrop exterminators will take all the necessary steps to ensure you and your family have a home safe to live in. Whether you’re dealing with household pests, termites, bed bugs, or any other type of pest, let us know! We’ll do what we can to eliminate the problem and keep you in the loop during the process.


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Your technician was very helpful and was very commutative. I am very happy with the service I receive from your company and will always recommend them to my friends and neighbors.

Josh Boody
5 Star Review

Love zap pest control, their always on top of all bugs and bugs, everytime they spray a few dead bugs here and there around the house not no way in the house, thanks zap we appreciate appreciate you😁

Edward Noriegajr
5 Star Review

Excellent service and prices. Marty is very friendly and professional.

Bethany z
Sacramento Office

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