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Pest Control in Folsom

Fighting off pests on your own can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. That is why when faced with any kind of pest problem it is best to call in the professionals. Our pest control in Folsom will eliminate pests once and for all! Unlike other pest control companies in Northern California, we specialize in customer care. Our pest control exterminators in Folsom are highly trained to protect your home from some of the most common household pests, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • And more!

45 Years of Being Your Local Exterminators 

Although DIY methods may seem like an appealing option for pest control, rarely do they provide homeowners with any kind of long-term protection. However, with our Folsom pest control services, you can rest assured that our expert Sacramento exterminators are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle any pest problem thrown their way. They will get to the root of your specific pest problem because after all, no two infestations are the same.

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Termite Treatment in Folsom

Termite infestations are one of the biggest threats to homeowners in Folsom. What’s worse, termites are notoriously hard to identify and if left untreated, home repairs can cost thousands. Here at Zap, we understand how stressful and terrifying a termite infestation can be, so we want to ensure your full protection from them in the fastest way possible with our effective termite treatment in Folsom. 

Here’s how our termite treatment in Folsom works:

  • We’ll begin with a complimentary termite inspection, confirming termite activity and determining the severity of the infestation. 
  • We’ll then put forth a customized termite treatment plan based on the inspection findings, providing you with the best plan of attack.
  • We’ll provide post-service repairs necessary after termite damage with expert care, so you won’t be left with negative residual effects. 

Bed Bug Treatment in Folsom

Bed bug infestations are one of the most feared situations for homeowners -- and for good reason! Bed bugs can quickly disrupt a restful sleep, often causing nightmares upon waking up. With red, itchy welts and stained sheets, we here at Zap completely understand how badly you want quick relief. When you partner with us for bed bug treatments in Folsom, you’re choosing to remove bed bugs for good!

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of our bed bug treatment program:

  • A complete inspection to confirm a bed bug issue and determine the severity of the bed bug infestation.
  • Heat treatments for total control and FAST relief to ensure eradication of bed bugs and protection of your bedding and furniture. 
  • Bed bug elimination at all stages of life (including eggs), to add an extra layer of protection from future recurrences. 
  • Preventative liquid treatments ensuring long-lasting protection.

$100 Off a Chemical-Free Bed Bug Treatment

When you are faced with a stressful bed bug infestation, there are two things you should never worry about -- money and toxicity. When you sign up for our bed bug heat treatments in Folsom, you can instantly receive $100 off! Plus, with our chemical-free methods, you’ll never have to worry about harmful residue threatening your children and pets. With eco-friendly treatments, you’ll receive the best treatments available by our expert bed bug exterminators!

Rodent Control in Folsom

There is nothing quite like uncovering a rodent infestation in your home. Their presence alone is enough to make your skin crawl, but what’s worse is that they can pose a number of health risks. When faced with a rodent infestation, calling on a professional exterminator is always your best bet – especially for long-term protection. Here at Zap, we offer top-notch rodent control in Folsom that will eliminate the current infestation while also helping to prevent any future ones.

Our rodent control in Folsom includes:

  • A comprehensive inspection of your home to identify the severity and any entry points.
  • Sealing of entry points to ensure your home is left rodent-proof.
  • Setting up traps to provide an additional level of protection.
  • Scheduling of bi-monthly visits to monitor traps and ensure rodents do not return.

Bat & Bird Control in Folsom

Are you and your solar panels taking a beating from pesky pigeons? Don’t worry! As certified solar panel exclusion experts, we are well-equipped to protect your panels and family from bird destruction with humane bird control in Folsom. What’s more, we’ll protect your loved ones from bats with our bat exclusion services, carefully adhering to humane laws and regulations. We dedicate ourselves to protecting homes from birds and bats, while also protecting wildlife from harm. 

For over 45 years in the business, we have been serving Folsom residents from the nuisance of birds including:

  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Geese
  • Woodpeckers
  • And more!

Call Us Today! 

Humane Bat Exclusion in Folsom

Bats are a protected species, so when they reside in your home, it is extremely important to take action in a way that adheres to strict laws and regulations. When it comes to bat exclusion, calling skilled professionals is the only solution. Our Folsom technicians stay up-to-date on relevant laws, protected species regulations, allotted treatment times, and safe techniques. 

Bats were never meant to live side-by-side with humans -- they can carry rabies and transmit life-threatening infections. With our expertise and wildlife care, your family will be safe and our wildlife will be safe from harm, too. 

Customer Care That is Unmatched

At Zap, we treat our customers like family. We understand that it can be intimidating letting strangers into your home. That’s why we make it a priority to ensure that customers feel at ease throughout the entire treatment process. Our Folsom pest control exterminators are dedicated to leaving you and your family happy in a home that is fully protected. And, if you are ever left dissatisfied all you have to do is call. We will happily return to reinspect your home and retreat it if necessary!​


5 Star Review


Gregg Churchill
5 Star Review

Very impressed with Brad and Jack that I just have newly met. Very consciousness and now great customer service. I would highly recommend this company.

Joey Ames
5 Star Review

Thank you Zap for making my home bug free! I had an awful experience else where and grateful you guys came to the rescue! Also, thank you Liz for being so great on the phone and taking the time to set me up and get all my questions answered! You guys are awesome! :)

Ashley Davidson

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