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Pest Control in Manteca

Are you tired of dealing with pests in Manteca, CA? Look no further than Zap Termite & Pest Control for all your local pest control needs. As a family-owned and operated business with over 45 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges that the Manteca climate presents when it comes to pest infestations. Our team of expert exterminators is here to provide top-notch residential pest control services, ensuring your home is free from unwanted critters. Whether it's ants, spiders, or cockroaches, we have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate them and give you peace of mind.

Choose our pest control in Manteca today for protection from:

  • Roaches
  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Earwigs
  • And More!

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Trust Your Local Exterminators

With an in-depth understanding of Manteca's unique pest challenges, we can effectively provide tailored solutions that address your specific concerns. Our team of skilled exterminators is highly trained and familiar with the local ecosystem, enabling us to implement environmentally conscious and safe pest management practices. So when you're dealing with pest problems, call Zap!

Our team is ready to provide you with:

  • A thorough inspection to identify the extent of your pest problems.
  • Eco-friendly treatments for your peace of mind.
  • Fast service from friendly exterminators that care.
  • And more!

Not in Manteca? Our exterminators also offer pest control services in Lathrop and surrounding areas. 

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Termite Exterminator in Manteca

When it comes to termite infestations, it is often the case that these pests can go unnoticed until they have already caused significant and costly damage. If you suspect that you may have a termite problem, it is essential to seek professional termite inspections and elimination services. Here's how our termite control in Manteca works:

  1. Highly trained technicians will inspect your home thoroughly. Our priority at Zap is to fully understand the issue at hand and evaluate any potential damage before proceeding with treatments.
  2. Based on the findings from the inspection, we will develop the most effective termite treatment plan. Our goal is to eliminate the termite colony and establish a robust barrier that will protect your home.
  3. We stand behind our termite control services with a total control guarantee. If you have any concerns or suspect that a termite may have slipped through, call us, and we will return to inspect and retreat if necessary.

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Bed Bug Exterminator in Manteca

When dealing with a bed bug infestation, you need them gone fast. Our eco-friendly heat treatments provide the solution you need, getting rid of bed bugs in just one treatment. Our high-intensity heat treatment is the most effective method for controlling bed bugs, targeting both live bugs and hidden eggs without causing harm to the environment. Partner with us for your bed bug treatment in Manteca and benefit from:

  • Comprehensive bed bug inspections for a thorough assessment of the severity and extent of the problem.
  • Family-friendly bed bug treatments that prioritize the safety of your loved ones.
  • High-intensity heat treatment that efficiently eradicates bed bugs, preserving your bedding and furniture.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee ensuring your complete peace of mind throughout the process.

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Rodent Exterminator in Manteca

Rats and mice are not only annoying pests, but they also pose a serious health risk to you, your loved ones, and even your pets. These rodents can cause physical damage to your home, infecting areas like your attic, crawl space, and interior walls with diseases. At Zap, we understand the importance of eradicating this problem entirely, which is why our rodent control services are designed to do just that. As leaders in the industry, we prioritize innovative treatments and exceptional customer care.

When you choose our rodent control in Manteca, here's what you can expect:

  • Exterior Rodent Baiting: We strategically place bait traps in the most effective locations around the exterior of your home, drawing rodents away from other areas.
  • Interior Trapping: Our skilled team will set traps indoors to target any existing rodents and prevent them from further infiltrating your living spaces.
  • Rodent Exclusion: We take proactive measures to seal off all entry points that rats and mice may be using to access your home, ensuring long-term prevention.
  • Recurring or One-Time Service: Choose between ongoing scheduled visits or a one-time service, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

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Locally Owned and Operated for More than 45 Years

Here at Zap Termite and Pest Control, we’ve been in the pest business for decades! Throughout our years of service, we’ve become serious experts at effective elimination, and the Sacramento community has come to feel more like family than customers! That’s why when you partner with Zap for pest control in Sacramento, you can expect friendly service, environmentally-friendly treatments, and to always be treated like a member of the family!


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Great service, friendly staff!!

Ella Genoa
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Mike Law is very knowledgeable and helpful. My property is treated monthly. I would recommend ZAP pest control to anyone.

Tiffany Pina
Rio Linda Office
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Good professional service!

Peter Baqain

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