How to Get Rid of Spiders From Your Home

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Spiders can be unpredictable, difficult to catch, and dangerous – potentially even deadly in some cases. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly common. The odds of you never seeing a spider in your home are slim to none. Luckily, there are several things you can do to both prevent a spider infestation and take care of an existing problem.

How To Prevent a Problem

  1. As with any pest, clutter creates the perfect environment for them to thrive. So be sure to keep your home as clutter-free as possible. Store any items in plastic boxes with lids rather than cardboard, and try to keep things on a shelf rather than directly on the floor. If you need to use under the bed storage, be sure to remove the items and clean underneath somewhat regularly. Take any recycling items out as quickly as possible and don’t allow trash to pile up.
  2. A clean home is also a great spider deterrent. Spiders often feed on insects, and insects are attracted to the dirt, crumbs, and food remnants around your home. Keeping your home, especially your kitchen, spic and span will keep these creepy critters away.
  3. You should also ensure that you have taken care of any easy-entry areas for the spiders in your home. Take a good look around your home and make note of any cracks or crevices where spiders or other insects could enter. You will need to fill in these holes with caulking in order to keep the pests away. It’s also important to have screens on your windows if you plan to keep them open. Without screens, anything can get in without a problem.
  4. Finally, take the outside of your home into consideration. Trim back any trees, bushes or plants that are touching your home. Spiders often build a home in these areas, so keeping them away from your house is imperative. You should also keep your lawn trimmed as frequently as possible. Also, be sure that any woodpiles are far from your house. Spiders love to set up camp in these piles, so consider moving any stacks you have to a shed or as far from the walls of your home as you can.

How to Deal With an Existing Problem

If you have seen a number of spiders in your home then you likely are already dealing with a bit of a problem. There are a few things you can do yourself to begin to get rid of those nasty little creatures before calling up the pros.

If you see any spiders, webs, or eggs around your home, vacuum them up. This is the easiest way to capture them without allowing them to make an escape. If you have a large infestation this probably won’t be the most practical option, but if you’ve only seen a few here and there this is a great place to start.

You can also set out glue traps to catch them. Set them up in the areas where spiders typically congregate: windows and doors, closets, underneath furniture, and any other dark areas. While this won’t help with spider webs or eggs, it can be incredibly effective with live spiders. Once you’ve caught a few spiders on your trap, throw it out.

Spraying an insecticide in the common spider dwelling areas throughout your home is another good approach. If you have children or pets in your home you’ll need to carefully look into the ingredients in the spray to ensure you aren’t putting them into harms way. You should always be careful to follow instructions closely when using an insecticide.

After you’ve done all that you can on your own, it’s time to enlist the help of a professional. Whether you are looking for pest control that is purely preventative or you are dealing with an actual spider infestation, a pest control professional will know exactly how to tackle the problem at hand.

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