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Save Money on Premier Pest Control in Manteca

A pest infestation is bad news. Pests can damage your home, threaten your health, and destroy your peace of mind. Fortunately, with our premier pest control in Manteca, Zap has the protection you need right around the corner. 

Why You Should Choose Zap Termite & Pest Control

Family Owned and Operated

We're committed to treating our customers like family & dedicated to delivering superior service.

Environmentally Responsible

We are proud to utilize the most non-invasive, eco-friendly pest control products available.

Industry Experts

We're only as good as our people, that’s why we have some of the industry’s leading professionals.

What Our Clients Say

I have always been pleased with the quality and thoroughness I have received. The technician is always flexible to work within my busy schedule.


Zap Termite & Pest Control

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Pest Control in Manteca

Without proper protection, your home is at risk of becoming a breeding ground for dangerous pests. When you partner with Zap, we will ensure that your home is protected against:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Flies
  • Beetles
  • And More!


Pest Control Programs that Work for You

Every home is unique and unfortunately, every pest is unique too. Whether roaches are threatening the health of your family or ants are invading your pantry, Zap has the solution you need. With three different pest control packages and customized treatment plans, we guarantee total control over your unique pest problems.  

  • With our most advanced package, Pest Free Platinum, you will receive monthly treatments to protect your home from ants, bees, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, pantry pests, pigeons, rodents, roaches, ticks, and wasps, spiders, and spider web removal - Starting at $99/bi-monthly.
  • Pest Free Pro consists of seven pest control treatments to protect your home from ants, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, spiders, pantry pests, rodents, roaches, ticks, and wasps. Includes web removal and inside services upon request - Starting at $89/bi-monthly.
  • Our Pest Free Basic includes bi-monthly treatments of the exterior of your home to protect against ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, pantry pests, and web removal - Starting at $79/bi-monthly.


Committed to You Every Step of the Way

Zap has been providing pest control to the greater Sacramento area for over forty years, and our dedication to this community continues to grow. We view our customers as neighbors, and strive to provide the highest quality pest control in Manteca. To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your pest control experience, we provide:

  • Pest-specific treatments - Our expert exterminators in Manteca will thoroughly inspect your home to identify the types of pests causing issues and create a treatment plan targeted to eliminate those specific pests.
  • Recurring treatments - Our annual pest control plans ensure that once pests are gone, they’ll stay gone. Recurring treatments inhibit breeding, eliminating the risk of pests returning and ensuring long-term relief.  
  • Exterminators committed to you - You will work with an experienced technician for your entire partnership with Zap. This allows your technician to become familiar with your property and determine the best possible solutions.  
  • Guaranteed pest control! Our job is not done until you have complete control over your pest problem. If you are not 100% satisfied with our results or if pests return between scheduled visits, we will return to inspect and retreat for free if necessary.

With Zap’s highly trained exterminators committed to you and your home every step of the way, you’ll be enjoying a pest-free home in no time!  


Termite Control in Manteca 

Termites are every homeowner’s nightmare. These dangerous insects work in massive colonies, often causing serious damage before they are even spotted. Whether your home is already infested or you want to take preventative measures, Zap can help. We guarantee an end to your termite troubles with our comprehensive termite control


When you partner with Zap for termite treatment in Manteca, you will receive the following services: 

  • A thorough termite inspection! We start by thoroughly inspecting your home for existing termite infestations, damage, and areas at risk of future infestations. By taking the time to identify the specific problems and risks, we are able to design the best treatment plan for you! 
  • Treatments to control AND protect - Our customized treatment plans not only completely control existing termite infestations but place a protective barrier around your home to diminish the return of termite colonies.  
  • Repair and cleanup - We go above and beyond by assisting with damage repair and cleanup. We erase any trace of termites, leaving your home as good as new! 
  • Retreatments as necessary - We guarantee total control over your termite problem and at Zap, we take our guarantees seriously. If termites return between our visits or you are unsatisfied with our results, we will return to inspect and retreat for free if necessary.

Don’t let termites rule your home. Take control today, starting with an inspection. With Zap on your side, termites don’t stand a chance!  

Bed Bug Treatment in Manteca

Even the cleanest, most organized home can suffer from bed bugs. These tiny insects might hitch a ride home in your luggage or crawl through a hole in the wall from another apartment, thus tormenting you with sleepless nights and irritating bites. Like mosquitoes, bed bugs suck the blood of people and animals, and one of the most obvious signs of an infestation is an itchy red bite. Bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease like mosquitoes do, but they can cause painful itching and destroy your peace of mind. That’s why, when you begin to suspect a bed bug infestation, it’s important to act quickly. But DIY treatments might just drive these insects further into your home, which is why it’s easier and quicker to call a professional bed bug exterminator--like the experts at Zap. 

When you call Zap Termite & Pest Control for bed bug treatment in Manteca, you can expect: 

  • A thorough bed bug inspection with no crack or crevice left untouched. Our friendly technicians will assess the spread and severity of your infestation. 
  • A custom-designed bed bug removal treatment plan for your home. The number of rooms, types of furniture, age of your home and other factors can change the approach needed to eliminate bed bugs, so at Zap, no treatment plan is the same. 
  • Highly effective bed bug heat treatment. These insects can’t survive at high temperatures, so a quick blast of heat will eliminate them at all stages of the life cycle. 
  • Liquid treatments for long-lasting, preventative effects. 

Redeem $100 off your bed bug treatment

Rodent Control in Manteca 

Almost a third of American households deal with a rodent problem at some point. Most commonly, mice and rats will take up residence in your kitchen--where they can chew through boxes and bags, contaminating all your pantry staples--or in the attic, where the tiny scratching sounds of their feet will echo overhead. Of course you want to stop finding droppings in your cabinets, but rat removal is also important to stop rodents from bringing disease into your home or causing fires by chewing through electrical wires. The simplest, easiest, most eco-friendly way to get rid of rodents is to call Zap’s qualified rodent exterminators. 

When you call Zap for rodent removal in Manteca you know you’ll be getting: 

  • An exhaustive, comprehensive inspection of your home to identify the entry points and discover where the mice and rats are hiding their nests. 
  • Eco-friendly but effective baiting and rat trapping to catch and eliminate the current population of rodents in your home. 
  • Exclusion work to find and close all the tiny holes (some as small as a coin) that rats and mice might be using to slip inside the walls. 
  • Continuing bi-monthly treatments to ensure the rodents are gone for good. 

Call now for a free quote.

Locally Owned and Operated for Over 45 Years

As a local rodent control company, we care about more than just the bottom line. Our technicians complete ongoing training to stay up-to-date on techniques to keep your home pest-free. At Zap, we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and client satisfaction. If your rodent problem persists, we’ll happily return to inspect and retreat if necessary. Our exterminators will communicate clearly, respect your home, and act with transparency and diligence to give you the best rodent control in Manteca. 

Bird & Bat Control in Manteca

Did you know that birds and bats like to nest under solar panels? Once these pest birds take up residence on your roof they can endanger the integrity of your solar electrical system, leave droppings and debris underneath the panels attracting other pests, and potentially cause roof damage/rot as the damp debris becomes trapped. Here at Zap Termite & Pest Control, we help protect your solar panels with safe and humane bird and bat control services in Manteca. When you trust us for bat removal services, you’ll receive:

  • Our technicians are expertly trained to remove nests and debris without interfering or harming the performance of your solar panels.
  • Humane deterrent treatments to fend off birds and bats looking for a place to call their home.
  • Expert care that adheres with all wildlife safety rules and regulations so you won’t have to worry about endangered species or limitations on treatment methods. 


Why Choose Zap for Pest Control in Manteca? 

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of protecting your home from dangerous insects. We take our job very seriously, going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality pest control in Manteca. We are continually researching and implementing cutting-edge treatments to ensure our pest control is the best of the best. On top of that, our exterminators undergo continuous training meaning our services are always improving. We further demonstrate our care for the Manteca community by using eco-friendly products. When you choose Zap Termite & Pest Control, you are choosing to work with experts who truly care about you and your home.

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